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Welcome to StatCure

We are a multinational statistics firm started by young biostatisticians with descent skills and experience in clinical research. We believe that everyone deserves comprehensive and easy to understand statistical analysis.



Data Analysis

Harness the power of data to drive informed decision-making with our comprehensive statistical analysis services. Expert consultation to guide you through the intricacies of data interpretation and analysis.

Medical Writing & Editing

Elevate your medical content with our specialized writing and editing services. Consultation from experienced clinical researchers to ensure precision and clarity in your clinical research. 

Research Design

Partner with us for end-to-end support in clinical research endeavors. From study design to data analysis,  and statistical analysis planning. Trust us to enhance the quality and impact of your clinical research.

Data Visualisation

Transform complex data into meaningful insights through our captivating data visualization services. Engage stakeholders with visually compelling representations of your data.

Creating compelling dashboards using Tableau.

Medical Figures and Images

Bring your medical content to life with visually stunning figures and images using BioRender.
Craft a compelling narrative through visually appealing representations of medical data.

AI/ ML Application in clinical research

Coming soon...

Disease prediction,

Clinical imaging analysis using PyTorch.

Large Healthcare Datasets

We offer statistical consulting services to physician scientists at all stages of their research.

Navigate the vast landscape of healthcare data with our specialized analysis services. Extract valuable insights from large datasets for improved decision-making.

Other Services

Statistical analysis planning for MD/MS, PHD thesis,

Observational research & Meta analysis; 

Sample size calculation.

Statistical analysis using STATA, R, SAS softwares.


Why Choose StatCure





Clients from Medical Universities and Multispeciality Hospitals

Years of Experience

Clients  Served

Global reach in Countries 



Established in 2019 by Dr. Shubhadarshini Pawar, MBBS, MPH (UK), StatCure is a dynamic collective of biostatisticians and clinical researchers dedicated to improving statistical support for medical practitioners. We are committed to breaking down scientific barriers by providing medical scientists with the statistical support required for robust, high-quality research that advances scientific understanding and improves patient outcomes.


Our objective is to provide individualized, collaborative, and transparent service to all of our clients. StatCure is a persistent ally, actively aiding physician scientists in reaching and exceeding their research aims, with a team boasting considerable experience across numerous study domains.



Dr. Kapil,


“Thanks to the team. With their amazing article editing and insightful consultation on journal submission, my academic journey just got a whole lot smoother."

Dr. Mukesh,


"StatCure has been my research ally, providing exceptional statistical analysis, meticulous article editing, and invaluable guidance on journal submission."

Dr. Priya,


"Thanks to the expertise of this platform, writing my PhD thesis became easy with precise book chapter editing and insightful statistical analysis consultation.


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W e strictly adhere to data privacy and all data will be kept confidential.

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